Tips To Find a Great Disability Lawyer

While you aren’t legally required to hire a professional lawyer to help with your disability case, to give yourself the best chance, you will want to have an experienced and professional lawyer to represent you. If you elect to hire professional representation, you will want to keep these tips in mind collected from an ERISA disability Litigator San Francisco based company.

Finding The Best Disability Lawyer:

1. Free Consultation.

Any reputable lawyer is going to grant you a free consultation. You should never be asked to pay for a Image result for claiming disabilityconsultation. With that being said, do not expect the consultation to last a significantly long period of time because the best attorneys are going to be very busy with hearings.

2. Ask About Approval Rates.

One of the key metrics to finding a great attorney to represent you with your disability case would be their approval rates. Always ask any attorney that you are considering hiring their approval rates in order to figure out how successful they are at being a disability lawyer. You will want to not only ask their overall approval rate but also the results of the rates. For instance, you want to ask what percentage of their case wins receive full benefits and what percentage of their wins were granted partial benefits. This should give you a good idea of what you can expect from the disability attorney. The greater their win percentage for full benefits, the better the chances you are hiring an attorney that can best represent you and help you achieve the best outcome.

3. Credentials.

Always look at the attorney’s credentials. While an attorney does not need to have a license in order to represent clients at hearings, you want to find a licensed attorney to represent you because they will likely have a much better skill set and knowledge base which can help you get the best possible representation. Along with this, if your case ever gets to the federal level, you will be required to find an attorney that is licensed to practice and try cases in federal court.

4. Specialization.

You might even want to find an attorney that has knowledge of the health condition that you are claiming disability for. By getting an attorney that is knowledgeable about your condition, you should be able to get the best representation for your specific case. You will want to find an attorney that has had success with clients that were in similar situations as yourself. That way, they will be better prepared to represent you and it will give you a much better chance at a successful claim.

Finding the best attorney is key to giving yourself the best chance to win your case. By following and applying the tips above to your search, you should be able to give yourself the best shot at winning.