The Guided Boring Method Of Laying Pipe Offers Many Advantages

If you are like most people, you probably take running water and indoor plumbing for granted. As it turns out, however, these services require complex infrastructure in order to operate correctly. This includes a large network of underground pipes that are responsible for transporting water and raw sewage throughout the city.

The process of installing these pipes has undergone some major changes over Image result for advantages of the guided boring methodthe past couple of decades. In the past, putting in pipes was an extremely labor-intensive process. Even worse, it also meant that entire streets had to be torn up to create a trench where the pipes could be laid.

This obviously resulted in a number of problems. For one thing, the construction interfered with the flow of traffic. This often resulted in the need for detours.

Any businesses located on the street where the construction was taking place often lost business as a result of the work being done outside. After all, customers were far more likely to go somewhere else rather than to deal with the construction. Likewise, people who lived on the street often had to deal with loud construction noises and disruptions to their daily routines.

Today, however, the guided boring method of installing pipes is usually used instead. This method is far less disruptive, eliminating many of the problems associated with the process of laying pipe. The primary advantage of guided auger boring is that it doesn’t require construction crews to dig a trench down the entire length of the street.

Instead, all of the work takes place underground. This leaves the street above untouched, meaning that there are only minor disruptions to the flow of traffic. Additionally, businesses and homeowners in the area don’t have to deal with major construction.

Above ground, the only visible construction involves the digging of two vertical shafts. These shafts allow crews to use a special machine to tunnel underground, placing pipe without the need to dig down from above. The process is fast, efficient, and affordable, making it a much smarter method of laying pipe than the traditional trench method.

The advantages of the guided boring method of laying pipe are clear. It causes far fewer disruptions than other pipe laying methods. Additionally, it also tends to cost much less, largely due to the fact that there is less labor involved. More and more cities are turning to this method of installing pipe thanks to these advantages.